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dadnoise-deactivated20131118 asked:

I had never seen this blog, now I did I think it's gold. I liked mcr long ago (and then I grew up) when the bullets/revenge thing but I always hated the fanbase. Now some friend tells me ''no dude they broke up and fans are killing themselves haha'' and ''the guy who had glasses and was super awkward had some kind of makeover and left his emo wife'' and I see the whole lynz thing, and, oh my god. Newer fans are worse. (also I believe some band members grew up. That's why they broke up)



Anonymous asked:

I'm on my iPod looking through this blog, but I can honestly say you have validpoints. I'm a big fan of the band, and obviously know they're going for money blah blah but I still dig their music. That's all I care about is themusic. I've met them and they were cool, it was awesome but I never over analyzed it like the others do. I've met MSI as well and Lynz even told me she was horrible, she just has fun with it. I don't obsess over her as a person. Idk man, these fans are just insane

so, your ipod hu

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